Bandito Shovel

Make a vanishing tomato cry
Try to be the one whose suitcase rains
Vaguely recall things that never happened to you
So you can relive fake memories
Make an average bird eat a taco
Shave a llama, como se llama?
Don’t be afraid to eat laser pockets
And jump off the Maryland
This sofa comes in chameleon
So take a razor if it serves a margarita
Bake a potato or a muffin top
Then eat at the flange
Before they serve tornados
Shadows are so fake
It’s just light and windows
I shook a vacuum cleaner
Scrubbed some acid wash jeans
Penny bread penny bread
Lozenges are wintergreen
Deep in the sombrero
A ladybug paints a walrus!


9 thoughts on “Bandito Shovel”

      1. I’m thinking being well is perspective or subjective? Maybe. So I believe you meant the question as in how I feel I am not necessarily how I am in respect to a general well gauge.
        So lol
        Today I feel well.
        Your poem made me smile


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