Fighting up the hill
He drew his sword and shield
Not that great an artist
He was then forced to yield

Fighting through the rain
He splashed through tiny oceans
Slipping and falling
He lay without a motion

Fighting through the heat
He sweat a thousand rivers
Dehydration set in
Ironically, so did shivers

Fighting through the forest
He sliced amongst the trees
Until one unfortunate cut
Let to stings from a thousand bees

Fighting on the highways
He dodged amongst the cars
To battle with his enemies
And enemies of ours

Fighting in the cities
He felt the buildings give
He never realized that fighting
Was no way to live

Fighting all alone
Himself against the world
He lashed out indiscriminately
And lost his only girl

Fighting he did cease
Upon reflections sinking in
Sometimes battles go your way
Sometimes you don’t win


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