Feelings like fireflies
Mysterious stars look down upon me
Stars fireflies
Emotions like ashes
Mysterious snow falls down upon me
Ashes snow
The volcano that erupted
On a previous morning
The blizzard that blows through my bones
The twilight of flying swirling lightning
And one lone moon shines

What’s coming down
What am I seeing
What should I believe
Flat on my back
The ground is so cold
The sky is on fire
The wind twists my soul awry
The insects swarm
The stars are all falling
And one lone sun burns

Memories like embers
Mysterious lights swarm around me
Firefly embers
Thoughts like stars
Mysterious crystals swirl around me
Snowflake stars
The blizzard that buried me
In only an instant
The starlight that melted me away
The sunset of dreaming hoping being
And one lone man waits


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