Super Psychological Metaphor

Maze start…
Turn left, advance 13 steps
(Each of the steps I took to reach you)
Turn right, advance 5 steps
(The number of days since you’ve been gone)
Turn left, then right, then left
(Like the first time I drove to your house, and got lost, and found my way with a little luck)
Place hand on the right wall, proceed for 10 minutes
(The time we held hands and walked down the beach, wind blowing, waves crashing, both of us falling)
Stop, turn around
(When you left, I did everything in my power to try to stop you, but I was powerless)
Place hand on right wall, walk to opening, turn right
(I carried you over the threshold, and through the bedroom door)
Walk straight, turn left, right, left, right
(We danced all night that night, to magical candlelit music)
Crouch, crawl under the wall, stand up
(I found the ring under the bed)
Advance 10 steps, take torch, advance 30 steps
(I loved you before you even knew me, as silly as it seems)
Turn right, advance 20 steps, turn left
(I watched you walk 20 steps down the aisle)
Take second right, advance 15 steps
(I ran after you that night)
Turn left, walk to the windy passage, turn right
(You were cold when I found you, and alone)
Walk into the wind 13 steps
(The driver was never found)
Sidestep left
(I can’t shake that night, the words that can never be taken back, the unintended consequences)
Step forward
(The sight and sound of the first bit of red soil to fall)
…Maze end

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