Graveyard Ghost

They approached. Two men. One woman.

I knew not my origin, but I knew my task. Protection. I guarded this tomb, this burial site. I cautiously whispered amongst them. They were puzzled, and one of them wanted to leave. I sensed their fear and apprehension. I caused it.

My job. My destiny.

I wasn’t sure what effect I could have on them. I could move through them, which chilled them, I suspect, judging from their dialog. It felt strange for me as well, like walking through quicksand. Or flying.

They carried something, brilliant tips, long stems… flowers, I think they called them. They lay the flowers on the ground by a stone. I came between them, but they did not wish to desecrate the grave. They began sobbing.

I went as far as I could away from them. The crying caused me pain. In time, I discovered that I could only move in a circle around them. No, not them. Around the stone.

I moved closer. They resolved themselves. They looked off towards another part of the graveyard. I sensed their defiance. During that moment, I could move to where they pointed. I looked. The stone they referred to meant nothing to me. It had markings on it – carvings. I could not make them out. They seemed coated by something. Obscured by some dried liquid. The stone was irregular. It had pieces missing.

Those markings.

Their attention left the dirty stone. They looked at my stone.

My stone?

They left. I could no longer stay near the dirty stone. I moved back to my stone. It also had markings. It was whole. It was clean and smooth. The words nagged at me. Words. No, a name. It was…

No! It can’t….

The words were clear. A name.

My name.


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