Snowplow Blues

The most wonderful things keep happening
Some things that would make most people smile
But it has no effect
When I’m numb and feel nothing
Feelings walking uphill both ways in the snow
Sensibilities wrecked on the side of the road
Buried even further by the plow that breaks through all my fallen hopes
My heart won’t start
It won’t turn over at all
I think the battery is dead
I think the emotion is dead
I think the relationship is dead


4 thoughts on “Snowplow Blues”

      1. That’s actually been a very challenging thing for me since I’ve been blogging for,these years. Each post requires a title and yet each piece doesn’t warrant a creative heading in my mind. Posing several dilemmas in my and for blogging. I don’t often come up with anything quippy so I end up with quotes I like that relate and even on occasion something entirely unrelated to the post im feeling or thinking that minute, I’m not sure I’ve ever come up with a title and then written about it, those types of things are for creative people. Like you!


        1. I’m sure you could. It’s a simple matter of thinking of a phrase, or having one enter your head, and then expounding on it.

          But when the expounding happens first, I just take a line or a composite of lines and use that as the title.


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