Nature Gently Rocking

I fit this in
I had the time
To make a pure and simple rhyme
Or poem if you’d rather
Sometimes you might
Want to blow it all up
With dynamite
Just because explosions
Are often satisfying
Unless the cataclysm
Sends pieces of you flying
A break was needed
A break given
Try not to track in sadness
Try not to step in pain
Splashing in the puddles
May be okay when it rains
But not so much when cloudy
Under canopy of doubt
Splashing turns to splattering
From the inside out
Dry cracks after the rain has gone
The pain has gone as well
The sun is on
It’s hot as hell
As far as I can tell
A pause is wanted
A pause received
So places that you visit
Visually arresting?
Like nature is an artist
And you’re the one who’s testing?
Explosions, rain and butterflies
A hummingbird, a bee
Catch nature by surprise
Which in turn catches you and me
We laugh at all the beauty
We smile at all the scenes
We close our eyes
Stay warm and dry
All cozy in our dreams



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