His Good Intentions

He sat here wondering what to say. She was across the room, looking at a coffee table book. He watched as she turned the pages, smiling with delight, adjusting the distance of the book to get a better look. He was glad that she liked his gift. He wanted to watch her until she got to the end. Until she got to the note he had left, telling her who he was, how he felt. What she meant to him.

The phone rang, and she put the book down to answer it. He could hear her voice through some odd acoustic property of the cafe. The person on the other end was her boyfriend. Or husband, though he hadn’t noticed a ring. He sat, open mouthed, for a while, and decided to leave. No harm – she didn’t even know who he was, really. He stepped out the door with his coffee.

It wasn’t until he got on the bus that he thought about the note.


29 thoughts on “His Good Intentions”

              1. Those are also the hardest questions but I have always believed that people are meant to be in each other’s lives for a reason. They might be there to test your capability of dealing with certain situations or there might be there to make you grow as a person. There is always a reason for people to be in each other’s lives. What grants them time within our lives is how we feel in their presence and how we connect and understand each other.


                1. Okay, when you say ‘together’ as romantic, that’s one thing – it might not last. But when you say ‘together’ as ‘in each other’s lives’…. I think that this could last a lifetime.

                  And you’re so right. People seem to come along at just the right time, just when you need them. Then… quite often… they stick around, and you never seem to stop needing them.

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          1. Just giving you a hard time trying to express that Id rather hear your mind than mine :p stop making me just be clear about that!


    1. I had to top up my glass, and make some pasta and watch the local Christmas fireworks from the backyard with my lovely mother…but I so did not see that coming. Interesting.
      Well done on a crazy ride! I’m not sure if I read everything, but I loved everything I did. You must be exhausted! πŸ˜€


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