Funly Wordish

Trouble in my bed
Trouble in my head
Trouble over what was
And what wasn’t said
Spaces in between
Filling up with dread
How can I face anything

Wow, this ended abruptly.

Had a troubled sleep
Memories won’t keep
I just had a feeling like
I was in too deep
This poem sucks
Because of the forced rhyme scheme
I may have forced it so much
That it turned into a crime scene
I rescued it somehow
Ate meat from a cow
I’m just being silly
So how do you like me now
I made a solemn vow
What’s a solemn vow?
I just made a silly vow
What solemn about that?
Now I’m typing regular sentences and hitting
Random returns and just capitalizing
The first word in the next line after I
Hit return, or enter if you
That one word was by itself
Isn’t that fucking poetic?
And did I just ruin it by putting that word in
You know, ‘solemn’?
Because often times
Hitting ‘enter’ randomly on your regular prose
Somehow makes poetry
Isn’t that weird?
If I recited something and took random breaths and pauses
Would that turn anything into poetry?
I guess it would, motherfucker
Wow, that was unexpectedly angry
That makes this poem edgy and fresh
It kicks it up into a whole new level
Like riding an elevator
And I’m pushing your buttons
Okay, that’s enough
I’ve already written far more than I thought I would or meant
To write on this randomly
Poem or what
T is su
Pposed to


7 thoughts on “Funly Wordish”

  1. Well seeing as I am apparently the only one here right now, or was that a few hours ago, I don’t know, I was baking a cake, I thought I would play ‘follow the WP leader’ suggestions.
    PS no need to thank me for always laughing at your jokes. You are funny. – Captain Obvious.

    Liked by 1 person

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