When It Overflows

Those drips that fall from every tap – they stay around. They don’t dry up. Leaking into every surface, impossible to clean up. Taking experts many hours to fix, to remove, to seal, to dry out. Surfaces mold and rot.

Teapot boils, letting you know with screaming end of day sounds. Steam is released. Coke bomb on center console freezes and expands, letting you know with cold brownish aftermath on upholstery. Ice is released. Try this at home.

Room temperature is seemingly calm. Water seeks its own level, keeping it all together with surface tension. Stretched to its limits, the edge of the liquid is in stasis.

Frozen is expansion – there is room. Boiling is expansion, too – there is room. Calm, mild, warm – the flip side of being calm. One drop. One tear, one raindrop, one drip.

When the tank is full, one drop is enough to overflow it.


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