They Go Out

The metaphor of the fire…one person gathers all the wood and kindling, cleans the fire bowl, arranges the dried grass, then the kindling, then twigs, then logs… only a flame is needed…

Then the other comes along and lights the fire easily and believes they have contributed equally, that the fire is lit, and it is strong, and it is easy…

But it is not so.

What of the metaphor of the fire, preset by one, lit under the belief of equality by the other, but under a light drizzle?

The fire slows, the wood gets wet and smolders more than burns, the fire hangs on, sizzling… the smoke chokes the builder… there will be work involved to keep the fire going… conditions are not ideal, not perfect… the lighter leaves….

The builder must put out the fire lest it rage out of control somehow, knowing it will go out on its own… eventually… fires and relationships…. they sometimes go out…


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