These are some incredible writers. I think you will enjoy them all. Click on each one, then return to go to the next!

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Elan Mudrow – Pawless

Heartstring Eulogies – Pretty Monsters

Words On Empty Ears – It’s Pathetic To Think That Only Someone Else Could

Lonely Blue Boy – Blank Verse

Frank Solanki – So Happy A Heart That Knows No Love

‘V’ As In Vixen – Rebuild

Havoc and Consequence – Winged

The Mischief Memoirs – And The Rain Was Salty Here

incipientoffing – It’s A Pity

TheFeatheredSleep – Late Bloom

Emma Scoble – Child of the Earth

Words And Other Things – Dear Beautiful Boy

Beth Tremaglio – Sit and Bleed

Lizalizaskysaregrey – Another Tree

She’s In Prison – The Sum Total Of Today

unbolt me – Blue Sky Disintegration

Poesy Plus Polemics – Skeptics

Twisted Roads of Madness – Pockets

Debatably Dateable – A Woman Like Mother Nature

Adecyn Cougar – An Undefined Nature’s Portrait


Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry!

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