Hero On A Throne

Captain Saturn, with his mighty sword and super powers, could sense that something was wrong on his Sensor of Sensing. He heard the other people in the area springing to action. Perpetually Late Guy had already left with Errand Boy, and Magic Underpants and The Horse-Hung had teamed up to cover a different area of Octopoliscityville.

Captain Saturn sensed a change in the weather, as Weather Girl and Two-Eyed Odin had started getting lightning bolts ready to be delivered by their ravens Ramen and Mormon. The Brown had already traveled to the trouble spot via the sewage system, assisted by his assistant The Stoppage. Captain Saturn hoped they made it in time.

A quick mental query was having been sent out by Captain Saturn, and he would have been answered by Morning Drive and Zoo Man, but just later after a certain pause in the fabric of time there was, and would have been, and will have been, and had been, and will be, and is, a time bomb explosion.

Needless to say, Captain Saturn wasn’t pleased. Just then, everything was ok. Apparently, WTF Woman had come along and questioned everything until it went back the way it should be, using her deus ex machina machine. Captain Saturn was glad. Especially since it’s tough to fight crime or solve world-threatening crises from the toilet.


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