Winter Mistletoe Lightcore

Cold frozen clouds dropping ice bombs
Crushing our spirits and souls
Each time killing our aching bodies
One lone green sprig remaining
Standing up, we look up and remember
And smile
And stare into each other’s eyes
And embrace
And grow stronger
And remember each other’s lives
And taste
And surrender
And enter each other’s hearts
And wait
No longer alone
Our lips touch again
We are stars in the sky
We escape by staying together
We are colums of light joined by dreams
We are bombarded by crushing blows
But we can shrug them off as nothing
This cold dust that tries to bury us
I can still see you
I am drawn to you by our love
I am blown by the wind into your arms
And we sweep each other off our feet
Still sharing a kiss and eternity
Still very aware of the winds
Still not caring because we’re untouchable
Snowdrifts up to our eyes, we’re uncrushable
Stones of love skip off our minds
We’re in love
We’re in love
Our light shining to burn away the cold
Under the dull green star of our embrace
And we look at it and laugh
Look at each other knowingly
And take each other to bed happily
Into our warm cozy lives
Unwrapping each other’s gifts
And exchanging them immediately


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