Internal Monologue In A Coffee Shop

Based on His Good Intentions

I mention that you’re sensual and multidimensional
In my head, while looking at you across this great divide
It’s only a crowded coffee shop
The electricity is unmistakable and effervescent between us
Between me and my impression of you
The you I have yet to experience outside my imagination
I close my eyes, the mug warming both my hands as I believe you would
Your personality and charm like smoke filling the room
With a cloud of secondhand sensational happiness
Energy and warmth fills my soul as it smiles and shivers
I write words agonized over, edited countless times
Boiled to its essence, finally made simple, a name and number
A sweet note, nothing really, slipped inside your favorite coffee table book
You are sure to see it, right after you answer the voice that makes you smile
The voice of … a loved one, I realize
Of course you are with someone
How could you not be, with that scent, that air of innocent command
I am happy for having known of your existence
You still make me smile, as you walk out the door
Holding your favorite coffee table book … with my note inside, I realize


13 thoughts on “Internal Monologue In A Coffee Shop”

  1. I was thinking that might happen. I wrote a story for a friend once, it was first meeting between two people and their thoughts. I went back and forth between the two minds and how they processed everything. It was super fun and I loved the end result, although it was bordering on erotica but the end. Meh. Maybe that made it better. Lol

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