Kuro Yuutsuu (Black Melancholy)

Pour out my light on a crisp morning
Too cold to stare at my own bloodshot eyes
Chills come like there’s a window open somewhere
I look again and warmth has drawn the blinds
Interesting messages come with electricity
This note, this note can’t contain all the words
When the panic-fueled adrenaline subsides
Losing consciousness seems like the best option

Walk through the gate
At the top of the stairs
Icicles stab my back and disappear
Melting from the heat of my will to live
I refuse the pain
I refuse the pain

Signals get crossed sometimes, I know
Shadows meet light and darkness
Never in the middle, unless it’s the middle of chaos
I listen again and the music is trying to play me off the stage
Glistening voices come through different frequencies
These notes, these notes can’t contain all the sounds
When mania turns to depression turns to numbness
Losing consciousness seems like the wisest course

Jump off the cliff
Into questionable waters
Flames burn my flesh and disappear
Quenching from the spray of my verbal bargain
Take this away
I don’t need it


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