The writers I have featured this time strike me as being powerful and strong, with their demons fleeing before their might. I think you will be inspired by them all. Click on each one, then return to go to the next!

AND don’t forget about past poetry! I have a new page called Ward Clever’s Curated Poetry. Go there to read dozens of amazing poems!

Eyes + Words – Pause

SamanthaAlexia – Smoke

Heartstring Eulogies – Wolf

incipientoffing – A Promise From A Father, After Death Contemplations

Imaginattionworks – Reflection

Soul Symphonies – Of Bruised Hearts & Words That Linger On

V as in Vixen – To Me

Pretty Charms –  Audiomemory

Arrows & Metaphors – This Is My Part

The Scrawlyst – A Beveraged Past

lizalizaskysaregrey – To Love Is


Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry!

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