Watching Our Sunrises

A pedestal has been placed under her
Square peg?
Round hole?
She’s triangular
Coffee in the morning that I make for her
Endless stream of bullets I would take for her

There are shadows behind me
From standing in her light
I can see in the darkness
She’s full moon tonight

Tranquility is blowing
She’s the source of it
Her affection has me reeling
From the force of it
In the movie of my life
She’s the star of it
She’s my favorite addiction
She’s so hard to quit

I’ll stop when I get enough
I’ll never get enough
It’s impossible
I see her scars
Deep inside
They only make her look better
The best is yet to come
She’s the only one
She’s the only one

She has a way no one else does
She makes me different than I thought I was
In my tiny world she’s out of it
Easy kind of love
I never doubted it
Every morning watching our sunrises
Days with her are all surprises
But I woke up and it wasn’t real
I’ll never forget the way she made me feel

I stopped when the morning came
I’ll never lose this pain
It’s impossible
I feel my scars
Deep inside
They don’t really make me feel better
The best is yet to come
She’s the only one
She’s the only one


16 thoughts on “Watching Our Sunrises”

  1. Such a rich history you have here. In the entirety of you blog. I saw a few personalities I recognized. Haha. πŸ™„
    Still, a lovely reminder of how this blog life has gone, and not to mention your other one! Such a fabulous thing you have saved here.

    Liked by 1 person

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