I cut some holes in a sheet
I’m a ghost
I’m so neat
It’s like magic when snow falls
A snowman has snowballs
Don’t try to upset me
You won’t ever get me
You accept that I won’t wear a dress

I can do things
I did them
I can get things
I’ll get them
Some leaves just won’t let go
Not even in the snow
You can’t ever stop me
You accept that I’m difficult to kill

When they hired you to assassinate me
I wasn’t sure you would accept
It’s the only way I could get you to date me
I know it wasn’t something you’d expect

I set some traps in the home
By myself
I’m alone
Like when heaven’s door shuts
A female squirrel has nuts
You can come at me with your
I’m probably killing you first

I planned out my machinations
This is how we’re supposed to be
I admit to you, lady, you kill me
Only metaphorically

So bring all of your training
I just love
When it’s raining
Like the time you think you have me
Six out of seven dwarves are not happy
You won’t ever take my
Unless you promise to be my wife