Cold Winter Fires

Artificially manic-depressive
Stealing words from the past
To wrap the present
If you please
Could you put your finger on the bow
I need to tie it tight
But I need to cut the ties
I need to hold you close
I need to let you go

Potent morning brew
That reminds me of you
You are the sugar
To make it sweet
The cream to make it light
The energy to give me life
Could you hand me a spoon
I need to stir it up right
But I need to stop at one cup
I need to feel your warmth
I need to set it down and leave

World outside the door
Taking me away from the real world
The one we share before fires
Under blankets of each other
You are the spark to light the way
The heat to keep it going
Could you breathe it into life
I need oxygen
But I need the cold of the morning air
I need to feel your fire
I need to put it out


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