Curated Poetry: Ward Clever Ponders Elegance



The writers I have featured this time strike me as being masters of elegance and beauty, heartache and longing, sadness and belonging. I think you will be inspired by them all. Click on each one, then return to go to the next!

AND don’t forget about past poetry! I have a new page called Curated Poetry. Go there to read dozens of amazing poems!

The Feathered Sleep – It Is Less

Sweta Ojha – What Do You Think?

A Writer’s Cauldron – The Yellow Lady

Arrows & Metaphors – Winter

Gin And Tulips – Unspoken

Alphabet Soup Miniscule – Catching Breath

February Stationery – 99

Shackled and Crowned – Stain

Genesis NVibe – To My Love

Emma Scoble – Could Be, Shouldn’t Be

‘V’ as in Vixen – Blue Bird

BigBangLifeAsWeSeeIt – Wheel Of Life

Karma Linguist – All Saints’ Daze

Havoc and Consequence – Touch (Solitary)

lizalizaskysaregrey – Mellowing

Words From A Little Person – Changing

Heartstring Eulogies – Almost Lovers

The Darkest Fairytale – Black And White

brooding heart – What An Irony Love Is

Allison Marie Conway – Fall From Grace

incipentoffing – Demitasse, Affectivity’s Chemistry

Words On Empty Ears – Concrete

Eyes + Words – Ache

Poesy Plus Polemics – Leitmotif

MTMind – Wildfire

The Mischief Memoirs – I’ve Lost It All

moyoisamazing – Faceless Man

Twisted Roads of Madness – Lines – Whispered Words

Through The Cracked Window – Silence

Words I Never Got To Say – Right Here

Write Ally! Write! – Still It’s An Empty Day

SamanthaAlexia – Right Against The Wall

Elan Mudrow – Awake

Polysyllabic Profundities – The Rain From My Heart

Debatably Dateable – Ocean Blues And You


Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry!

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Ward Clever’s Curated Poetry



24 thoughts on “Curated Poetry: Ward Clever Ponders Elegance”

  1. This is such an honor. If I were to keep a note of one happy moment a day, this would be the one today! Thank you so much. Also, thank you for sharing a list. I’m definitely going to visit the blogs enlisted.
    Never let the words fall short! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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