The Dark Dead Sea

I crushed creativity with a careless flippant diatribe
Convoluted, how you hopelessly navigated through my twisted failure
Watching, I should have helped you
I temporarily lost my own instructions and directive
Began signing off before closure and completion
Leaving lingering afterthoughts, aftertastes, afterglow
No – echoing aftermath of tortuous serpentine trails littered with jagged stones
Sharpened with words I myself uttered in disregard
A Trojan horse furtively shuffling in troops of misunderstanding
Ready to strike the moment your understanding reached its nadir

In time, this jungle will become a field
We will stand in opposite corners, within view
With a gentle acquiescent bow, I will mouth an apology of love
We will approach carefully, rushing towards a common ground
To begin a new journey
Ayamachi ni obore
Beneath the hard rain of my sorrow



12 thoughts on “The Dark Dead Sea”

    1. P.S. The characters that make up ‘ayamachi ni obore’ can mean both ‘maze without end’ (which is sung throughout the song) and ‘drowning in our mistakes’ depending on how they’re read. During writing I realized I was describing a maze without an end, which made me think of Invisible Wall.

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        1. They are my FAVORITE band. I know I’m not exactly in their demographic, haha, but I love that they have songs in every rock and most pop genres, and look and write how they feel (well, lyrically how Ruki feels).

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        2. They’ve started touring the West! I saw they went to San Francisco and New York and some European shows. If only I could have seen them on a Stacked Rubbish or DIM tour, or on that two albums per night thing they did, or at the Tokyo Dome.

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