I crushed creativity with a careless flippant diatribe
Convoluted, how you hopelessly navigated through my twisted failure
Watching, I should have helped you
I temporarily lost my own instructions and directive
Began signing off before closure and completion
Leaving lingering afterthoughts, aftertastes, afterglow
No – echoing aftermath of tortuous serpentine trails littered with jagged stones
Sharpened with words I myself uttered in disregard
A Trojan horse furtively shuffling in troops of misunderstanding
Ready to strike the moment your understanding reached its nadir

In time, this jungle will become a field
We will stand in opposite corners, within view
With a gentle acquiescent bow, I will mouth an apology of love
We will approach carefully, rushing towards a common ground
To begin a new journey
Ayamachi ni obore
Beneath the hard rain of my sorrow