Wherever I Go Is The Way

I hope it’s just a phase that nothing fazes me
How can I feel anything
When I’ve become desensitized
By repeated countless events?
Forget looking for a needle in a haystack
This is more like looking for a particular needle
In a stack of needles
Where just approaching is dangerous
Just searching is painful
Just reaching out makes me bleed
Just reaching out…
Where after the suffering and noble duty
I forget why the hell I was looking for a needle
In the first place
To go on the compass, and show me the way?
To be the hand, and show my time passing?
To sew my shadow to my heel, and show the folly of my youth?
To play old records, and show me wistful memories?
Wherever I go is the way
The best times are ahead of me
I’m wiser, and cleverer, I think
Music is its own godlike entity
How can I feel numb
When I’ve become demagnetized
By repeated lightning strikes?
Threads unravel and poke the needle in the eye
As I feel the electricity


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