The Letter

I rushed home
Thinking of someone unique
And in summer
In the evening

I checked out
Opened the box and there it was
But I waited
I waited

I needed the right frame of mind
Drank some wine
Warmed me over

Sunset on
How much longer would I put it off
I thought aloud
It must be opened

Held it right up to the light
But I could make nothing out
I invoked my right to be silent
And set it back down
Picked up my wine

Lit a fire
A series of candles in a row
One after another
Watched them flicker

Tearing me up
The thought of what might be inside
But I waited
I could wait forever

Tired eyes
The radio played all the songs
Telling me off
Working me over

I picked it up
Tried to open it up with my thoughts
I put it down
Nothing happened

Thoughts and feeling entered my mind
Probably increased by the wine
It was time to act and stop shaking
I picked it back up
Tore it open

And I read
Tried to make sense of these melting words
Dripping off the page
Or was that me

No longer afraid
Can’t be afraid when the thing you’re afraid of
Really happens
And it happened

It is happening
I lay down
It’s happening
I fall down alone
It’s happening
And nobody ever sees it coming


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