Empathy Rhymes With Entropy

A shadow is seen entering a lively debate. Is it caused by darkness illuminated, or by light blocked? Twilight looks on, bored and yawning over a flickering fire. Smoke leaves the room, unable to stand the bickering. Haze stands there laughing, finding the misty luminescence humorous.

“I won’t pay for extra but I’ll pay for even. Taking the negative back to zero. I’ll champion those who are less than, or feel they are, or have been told they are. I won’t pay for anyone else’s mistakes. I’m already in debt from paying for the past.”

Champions battle over insignificant details, leaving larger issues abandoned like elegant ruins of yesterday’s belongings. Lukewarm shudders from a sudden chill. Tepid holds a warm cup of brown joy between his hands, awaiting counsel from the skies. Cloudbursts spray them with borrowed tears.

How sad for our hero, who has no role in this tale made of secondary players. He is mentioned at the end of his own story, and for him, there is only a perfunctory end.

…to be continued, of course, but not necessarily with our hero, who is in a supporting role only, as is his duty.


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