Left And Right Fractalizing

People do things they don’t realize
Walk down the street to inspire
Poetry and trees and flowers
Words and the breeze
The morning cold and disturbing
Coffee tastes hot and sweet
And on the left! The ORDER!
The logic and form
It’s rigidly ruled and fantastic
The columns! The figures!
How calming and soothing
The sheets and everything in their places
Here an angle
There a line
A pebble in the ocean
Waves ripple outwardly repeating
Geometric patterns conforming!
And yet…
Always the same
Neither rising nor falling
Compressed data streaming
Tranquil? Boring
And on the right! The CHAOS!
The unmitigated colors and sounds
The shapes ever changing!
Unruly exciting unpredictable daggers
Cutting you open so the creativity flows!
Morphing twisting blissfully existing!
The smile, the eyes, the lips
The beauty, the pain, the suffering
Delicious and destructive
The highest highs! The lowest lows!
And all inspiring
The pain identifiable by the masses
The pleasure inspiring to the people
Both swirling in syncopation
And yet…
Both dragging and draining
Styles of erosion bleeding dry inspiration
Fallopian tubes producing all eggs in one basket
Giving birth to the same children
Sparks? Draining

One person fractalizing
Predictable chaos
Boundless entropy
Endless fires never burning
Frozen wastelands of stars
Beauty in logic
Cold comfort from rigid explosions of energy
Heart beating rhythms
Faster slower nearly stopped sleeping
Pounding with the dance
The excitement of fantastic creatures
Endless wordplay giving rise to freedom
Foundations for homeless wanderers
Pathways for those who would fly
Pointing the way for explorers
Shrugging at guidance-seekers
Teaching and learning simultaneously
Inspiring and being inspired
Shocking and being shocked
Explaining confusion with confused explanations
In all things
Striking a balance
Dancing not to the beat of a different drummer
But to all beats of all drummers
Playing all melodies
Singing all harmonies
In the overarching symphony of life


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