If Non Sequiturs Are Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be On Fire

It could just keep happening like this
Soft jazzy sounds and dimmed lights

A dark room understands me like no one else
The mattress, a cold pillow, sheets of rain

Reminding me of when I first became aware of you
Sometimes I wonder if you ever became aware of me

Shorn of thick skin, the harrow breaks me
Desolation days plant seeds of loneliness

This dance we do so well
We know the steps we take on aching limbs

My blood, the water
My body, the soil

This fire I started and restart perpetually
Would it be so bad to get closer to you?

The harvest in time under this red moon
Takes it all from me
I am driving me from behind my own eyes
Looking out blurry hazel windscreens

These fires we never seem to get around to putting out
Would it be so bad if I got closer to it?
So close, so near
I could almost touch it
I could almost touch you
I could almost…


12 thoughts on “If Non Sequiturs Are Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be On Fire”

  1. A poem within a poem. I love writing these myself, maybe I’ve written three or four.
    A dark room or night knows me like no one else. Interesting That I like no wondow coverings and mornings are the most lovely times to me

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never considered myself a lucky person but being fortunately to be co tent with myself certainly would feel that way to someone who has felt the way lonely is defined. I get it

        Liked by 1 person

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