Just Listen

Variable stars twinkling at different intensities
Each one is brightly shining
The sounds of nature after a spring rain
Each one telling a story
A sky castle full of cloud men
Going to war over lofty territory
A school bus full of children
Going home

Words are a tropical forest
Stories run around in the canopy
Poems float from tree to tree
Lyrics blow through the leaves
Songs flow like rivers from every corner
Music makes creatures pause to listen
Melody the rushing waters
Harmony the rustling wind

But all this beauty is meaningless
If no one is there to share it with


11 thoughts on “Just Listen”

  1. How funny, I had in mind today a story I wrote for a class years ago that was about this enchanting garden I was fortunate enough to grow up in… I started reworking it in my mind, then I saw this! I spent so much time there, especially during rains or storms. This is beautiful.

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      1. It really was. The manifestation of my lovely father’s romantic heart…he wanted to create this amazing environment for our family, picking particular things I would love to see outside my bedroom window etc…I always admired his courage and integrity to be such an artist when Australian culture was quite “macho” (for want of a better word) at the time.

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          1. Yes, and complex too, like most people. It was also a place of solace, a place where people could share their solitude together, as he found it hard to communicate in the same way verbally. Was his generation I think, the communication part I mean. But I loved that he found beautiful ways to compensate. 🙂

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  2. I love the “Words are a tropical forest” line. Very atmospheric and unique. Thanks for sharing. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about Spring showers in case you have time to look? Happy Wednesday! Sam 🙂

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