Nostalgic For A Muscle Memory

A flash of deja-vu and it comes flooding back

(You would laugh if you heard me say this)

My body remembers yours, remembers the layers of your scent
Clearing cover, spreading sheet, tossing pillow to prepare the battlefield

I trace ‘aishiteru’ into your skin with my lips, savoring every taste

I know your body, and I control you as I submit to you
Making our own music, our own rhythm, my muscles tense and release
Eagerly patient, they conduct the song in complex time signatures, as the lyrics require
Cautiously anxious, they perform as instructed by your graceful guidance
Smooth, frictionless friction creates heat without light, fire without flame

The emotional clearinghouse of release, a tearless denouement

My body sings happily, a familiar and delicious performance


21 thoughts on “Nostalgic For A Muscle Memory”

  1. I love the poem, it’s beautiful. Absolutely.
    … I the only one to find the title a humoresque metaphoric innuendo? Lol. Probably.
    One time I wrote a poem that I posted somewhere else title “morning glory” And someone asked me in a comment if it was metaphorical of a morning orgasm. I laughed out loud and was a bit mortified actually. Lol

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      1. Haha, well it was a nickname from my father and the poem is about him. It sort of creeped me out thinking how it sounded to others!
        But apparently after reading clever’s poem here I find my mind wanders to metaphors as well.

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        1. Well that was what I was thinking as I read it…I can’t remember, did you explain that in the piece or in a comment? So I kept trying to put it out of my mind!! haha I thought it was so lovely that you didn’t mean that, as it also happens to be one of my favourite flowers 🙂 …but it is a euphemism in Australia, so I am wondering if it is in the US, as I don’t remember it as one when I lived there…

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