Curated Poetry: Ward Clever Changes Colors



The writers I have featured this time have written stories and/or poetry, though sometimes their pieces are in both camps. They all strike me as being masters of elegance and beauty, heartache and longing, sadness and belonging, tearing heartstrings and playing soulful melodies on them. I think you will be inspired by them all. Click on each one, then return to go to the next!

AND don’t forget about past features! I have a new page called Curated Poetry/Stories. Go there to read dozens of amazing poems!

incipientoffing – Parts

A Short Conversation (Miri Elm) – Think

Allison Marie Conway – //evidence of bodies//

‘V’ as in Vixen – Retired Knight

Alphabet Soup Miniscule – Sky That Holds You

Words On Empty Ears – Wishes Are Not For Realists

Soshinie Singh – Nectar

Heartstring Eulogies – Soldier On

Ramjet Poetry – Threshold

Say No To Clowns – Why So Beguiling, Self-Sabotage?

Beth Tramaglio – Coffee House Conversations

The Feathered Sleep – Salinity Of Our Tears

Soul  Symphonies – Oblivion

Neha Neraula – Felt Like Heaven, Left Like Hell

Pretty Charms – Excuses, Excuses

Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry and stories!

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Ward Clever’s Curated Poetry/Stories




16 thoughts on “Curated Poetry: Ward Clever Changes Colors”

  1. I love these lists you do, what a lovely thing. And then I noticed something. I actually blinked a few times and reminded myself that i do actually have to get my eyes checked. Holy crap! I could have waited a couple days and come back all cool, calm and collected…like I always am… πŸ™‚ I am flabbergasted…really. What an honour. Thank you. You are very generous.

    Liked by 1 person

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