When I was born, my wind blew through your attic and your hallways
When I crawled, my storms covered your roof with infinite raindrops
While I was learning to walk, my kite got stuck in your tree
When my small steps were comfortable, I walked by you every day, but never would approach
When I could run unencumbered, I looked into your windows, curious
When I sprinted with alacrity and passion, I ran to your door and knocked, confidently
When I walked with certainty, I came and stood in your parlor, waiting patiently
When I walked tentatively, I went to your room, with delicious excitement
When I walked slowly, I sat on your bed, lovingly and tenderly
When I lay beside you, I died, happily
I lived an entire lifetime in your eyes
For what I sought has always been you
You have ever been home to me