Scorched Lover

One glance, I’m electroshock, dressed up in crackling blue
She has a look that I dare not disobey
Or I’ll regret for the rest of my life
What might have been
And I’m on fire again

One word, and I’m tesseract, filled up with shimmering space
She has a voice that I follow quite closely
Or I’ll ache an unquenchable thirst
For her absinthe
And I burn again

One touch, I’m synchronium, conflux of all points in time
She has caresses that foil defiance
Or I’ll sing lamentations unceasingly
Her shuns sting my skin
And I’m on fire again




Published by:

Ward Clever

I’m a work of fiction come to life, a whore who can touch unicorns, a ghost manifest, a sensitive empath with a dark side, a watcher of the skies, a healer of healers, a lovable asshole, a guy who writes a nice bio. Welcome to this thing. I am a little teapot, and I put my whole self in and shake it all about. That’s what it’s all about.

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