Everything is happening as though I’m watching it in a cinema
The special effects are fantastic
Cleverly done
I can’t see a seam between magic and reality
My dreams unraveled and cast into the earth to grow
My wildest imagination flickering at twenty-four frames per second
The reviewers have questions
Are the characters interesting, with depth and feeling?
(Oh, I like them a lot)
Is the story compelling?
(I can’t wait to see what happens next)
Do the hero and his girl have chemistry and compassion?
Or, do the hero and her man have chemistry and compassion?
(To be fair)
Do they get together at the end?
(They belong together)
Well I’ll do what I can
I’m a fan of romance
And I can’t be melancholy forever
Life is becoming surreal
I just slipped through a hole in reality
It shows no signs of going back to mundane
Everything has an aura when I look at it closely enough
Even my pragmatic side feels it
The angel and demon on my shoulders agree
With the bird singing in my head
As the credits roll
Be sure to stay all the way to the end