Losing The Battle

I’m the song you always skip

But never delete

The one you see when you close your eyes

But you never blink

The one you want to spend forever with

But you’re never there

The one who makes you feel happy with a smile

But you look away

The one but not the only one

Isn’t that the truth?

How long can this kind of thing go on?

How long can I stand there with my hands in the air


Take me prisoner or kill me or let me go

I already know I’ve lost

I lay down my arms

When all I wanted

Was to lay in your arms

And go home


2 thoughts on “Losing The Battle”

  1. ” I am the song you always skip but never delete” my favourite line in this. Like always I enjoy reading your work, especially this poem, it has a lot of relatable emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

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