The nap after the long sleep. Much needed, and very relaxing, there in the quiet of the morning, before anyone gets up. Except her. The gentle spray of the water, the fan, the chill, the warm blankets, the smell of coffee permeating the air – all are the cord pulling me back. The restful nap, full of organized thoughts for the day, full of half thoughts, incomplete lists, puzzles worked out, in the short time. Warm water hitting skin, pulling me back to a time of comfort, eyes closed. Sounds of morning, then voices, others, greetings and well-wishes, then the cold of the frosty morning, pulling me back. Then the trip in to work, visibility restored, warmth of coffee and sauna of heater, and songs and sounds of morning radio, and a parking lot full of cars and empty of soul, pulling me back.

The cord snaps, for now.