Zen Waves Spread From The Center Line

Below the driven blanket of woven fibers, I feel the battle between heat and chill erupting within my depths. Sweetened creamy pools of warm mocha-colored liquid gather to lead the fisticuffs against my icy interior, backed by the finest of highly-trained pharmaceutical warriors. In the middle of a shiver I taste a certain sensation that drives the medulla oblongata to a crackling energy. An accumulated frost I had not discerned sloughs off, shattering on the ground below.

Waves of energy issue from my body, coming from some heretofore unknown source (though I am beginning to formulate the answer), hinting at the conclusion of this, my affliction. I close my eyes, until the dizzying waves of healing pass over and through me, and I smile in excruciating happiness. Faint strands limn the periphery of my vision, floating tinsel, like a string that once pulled could unravel the tapestry of this whole damned world!

But I can’t pull it. Not yet. A slipknot will do. For now.


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