I felt light and free of clutter
Unencumbered by needless things
Or so I thought…
You saw that I was unaware of my lost articles
Considerately assisted me in recompiling them
You handed me parcels I hadn’t realized I dropped
Stacks of books, full of rich lives I had forgotten I lived
Sheaves of papers from dusty barren corners of my room
Satchels of ebullience I was unaware I had set down
Shredded scraps of my soul I had long overlooked
To these, you added pieces from your own elegant mosaic
So, I felt myself growing majestically
I sensed the weight of your tender influence
I felt the gravity of all with which you had lovingly augmented me
I experienced the heft of my newfound sensibilities
Yet somehow ethereal
I must rebaseline my proportions to your scale
I have become much more substantial in your eyes
I reset myself, happily reoriented to your cosmic directive
Feeling weightless