The writers I have featured this time have written stories and/or poetry and/or both camps. They are all brilliant writers whose poetry I love, full of elegance and beauty, heartache and longing, sadness and belonging, tearing heartstrings and playing soulful melodies on them. I think you will be inspired by them all. Click on each one, then return to go to the next! Or do them in reverse order, or any order you like. Or consult a psychic for advice on whose poetry to read next.

AND don’t forget about past features! I have a new page called Curated Poetry/Stories. Go there to read dozens of amazing poems!

Bowen Diaries – Velvet Love

Dreams of a Dying Scientist – The Beach

Expressions For Reality – Fluvial

Alphabet Soup Minuscule – I Learned To Sleep

Emma Scoble – Whisper

incipientoffing – Death

Dreams of a Dying Scientist – Castaway

charityjanisse – Closer Than

Allison Marie Conway – //dysmorphia//

‘V’ as in Vixen – Amnesia

Karma Linguist – 1st Post Thirty (2015)

Americana Injustice – Been.

Saintswest – If I Die Young

SarahCampbellBlog – YMH The Most Beautiful Transformation Of Your Potent Love

Colour Me Clueless – That Time I Wrote A Poem

Life is all about PAIN – Variations

Ramjet Poetry – Aloof

Words From A Little Person – Watch Me

Stellular Scribe – A Crooked Wing

Havoc And Consequence – Pieces of Time

SamanthaAlexia – I wish

Amant de Fleur – 花 Hana


Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry and stories!

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