Cupid’s Assassins

Savoring this satiated feeling, when twilight sets in
Exquisite dialog stitching contented reverie to my golden tapestry
(Meanwhile, the winged figure searches from rooftops)
Depicting scenes of ecstasy and simple boundless love
Happiness, a time bomb set to discharge in a nameless future
(Tracking two intertwined souls for a shining moment)
Her charming unwinding of my sensibilities soothes my soul
Her unwitting effect, a spell of devastating gratification
(Targets acquired, an execution ensues)
Dancing around this topic of conversation, an upward spiral
Pulling us both towards the center tenderly
(Shots fired, the winged figure smiles, a job completed)
The blood we have spilled for each other mingles deliciously
We recuperate as fire cauterizes our bound essences
(It flies off into the night, laughing mightily)



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