A Journey Of One Step Begins With Ten Thousand Miles

Rotation of frustration
Selection of life skipping mental hopscotch
Dreams so strong and powerful they pull weights up
Tethers threaten to snap and pull back
Retract a skullcap full of visionary rainbows
Enveloped in chaos by blind hurricanes
Tiny flies surround the fruits of labor
This journey of one step begins with ten thousand miles
Still thinking about the happiness of another
Never knowing what will happen in the future
Promises are promises, so leaving is never an option
The miles have many jagged rocks and impassable chasms
Wild demons drag back the passion sometimes
Tempered with clarity and vision
To seek peace is to go to war with oneself
To seek love is to battle the world
When the time comes
Will there be a companion to battle it with me?



6 thoughts on “A Journey Of One Step Begins With Ten Thousand Miles”

  1. You have such a brilliant way of capturing thoughts in the ether and arranging them so perfectly so that when we read them, we understand our own thoughts more clearly. Well, I guess I speak for myself, but I am sure I am not alone thinking this. You are truly gifted. πŸ™‚

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