Swords Stabbing Sweetness

Unresisting happiness
Gloom gives up and goes home
Sadness cries itself to sleep
Darkness turns on the light
Afraid of itself
Clouds migrate across skies of bright light
Tore it up
That sign that said ‘happiness not allowed’
Shredded lies and fear
Planted seeds of serenity
The news today
Drove us to the edge
And then backed away
Not this time
Not ever again
Until such time as this car can fly
Or we’re attached to the earth
Rivers flow cutting channels through pain
Fish swim through our feelings
In schools of thought
Rain can’t decide where to fall
Whether to fall
Or if it should just go away
In this balloon we look down
On all the things that might have been
On this moon we breathe freely
As though we’re each other’s oxygen
And soon we’ll be together
A feeling we can’t wait to have again
We touch like sugar swords
Stabbing sweetness into each other’s skin


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