To Warm The Earth

Pain gives way to pleasure
A measure of sanity to treasure
Calming center tones
Sane gives way to manic
Don’t panic when it turns romantic
Together and alone

Shame gives way to pride
Inside is happiness to be alive
Taking over life
Tame gives way to wild
Mild style is no longer reviled
Stars are floating light

I wanted you
And still do
And I won’t stop
Even if you want me to
I’m enchanted
By the way you move
When you look at me
Looking at you

Ice gives way to flame
Blame is no longer the game
There are only winners
Mind gives way to heart
Charting courses to the start
When we were still sinners

But the only sin we committed
Was not doing this sooner
At least we did it eventually
Under hearts bursting with light
When we discovered doing what was right for us
Was better than simply being right
And on a firelit night
We warmed the cold earth


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