Running From My Insides

I looked around
And everything started to fade
And for the thrill of it I ran out the door
And shouted out that I was alive
Who saw?
Who heard as I proclaimed my mistake?
Who cared that I was able to speak?
I don’t know but I’m saying it now

I took a walk
That suddenly turned into a run
And I was faster than everyone
First in line to disappear

A siren sounded and broke my insides
As I wondered if I should find somewhere to hide
Or face the noise that probably isn’t really for me
The stares and the looks went right over my head
As I realized that everyone could hear what I said
And suddenly my words became important to choose

This power I was given
Was given to everyone
Why should anyone listen to me when they have their own?
This gift I seem to have
That everyone seems to have
Why would I give it away unless I got it again?

I took a walk
Then suddenly stopped and sat down
And I reluctantly got lost in the crowd
First in line to disappear


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