Pretending Is Real

Confidence is like sleep.

When you want to sleep, first you lie down and pretend to sleep. In time, you are actually asleep.

When you want to be confident, first you stand up and pretend to be confident. In time, you are actually confident.

It’s the same motion, the same feeling, the same action. It’s a trick that works.

Pretending is real.



20 thoughts on “Pretending Is Real”

  1. This is great!
    I’ve pondered this a lot as I’ve put it into practice when my shyness overcomes me. Had an interesting conversation years ago with my naturopath about the power of visualisation, and that Russian gymnasts, for instance, would visualise themselves doing a new routine, made it a lot easier on their first real attempt as the neural pathway had already been set up. Haven’t researched it more recently. Perhaps I’m just being Captain Obvious again πŸ™‚ but I think it’s fascinating pondering the realness of certain pretensions.

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