Do Not Disturb

She hears them
He hears them
That night of fine food and wine
And more wine
Has come to a middle
The elevator doors open
She goes one way
He goes another
They dance down the hall
Laughing together
Touching one another tenderly
The door opens
She pulls him inside
To stand outside
Is to hear the sounds of true love
As it is made
And the door would be hot to the touch

She pulls her hand back
Puts her ear to the door
Hears the sounds that they make
Hears the love that they have
And wonders

A door opening startles her
She moves down the hall to her room
As he comes out of his
To the sounds of their laughter
Another bottle uncorked
And if anyone was looking out
Through the peephole
They would see him staring back
Wishing it was him inside that room
Wishing he had love

A door opening startles him
He moves down the hall to the ice machine
As she comes out again
Checks if the coast is clear
Takes one more glance at their door
One more touch of the handle
One more listen
And she never notices him
Watching her listening
And he walks softly on
Until the ice gives him away
And she backs away ashamed

A door opening startles them
They move towards one another inadvertently
As the lovely couple stare back at them
Wondering and staring
Shrugging and laughing
They go back inside
Arm in arm, drinks in hand
With a love it is nearly impossible to understand
And he looks at her
And she looks at him
They look away
Get resolve
Meet in a passionate kiss
They both try to explain
Try to apologize
Caught up in the heat of the moment
There is nothing to be ashamed of
Nothing to feel sorry for
Sometimes it’s the accidental love
That ends up the strongest
Sometimes it’s a chance meeting
And the catalyst of love
That makes us feel
Eye to eye
They put their ears to the door again
And the biggest problem they face
Is whose room to continue this love in
That lovely laughter
That comes from knowing everything is right
And everything is fine
And all will be well
For all time
A quick call to the front desk
And the matter is resolved
Do not disturb
Do not disturb


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