Sinking deep within my skin
The knife your words an open wound
Penetrating deep inside
Reaching down into my tomb
How dark! How scary! What the hell?
Silly sentence breaks the spell
Shoot rubber bands across the room
Can’t always be doom and gloom

Darkness a veil across my eyes
Shadows fall like pouring rain
I can’t take the suffering
Another minute of this pain
How deeply moving! How macabre!
Sling sarcasm like it’s my job
Blow bubbles up into the air
Can’t always act like the insane

Sorrow a cloak that keeps me cold
Sadness a weight that pulls me down
Standing on the edge of a cliff
How long until I hit the ground?
How sad! How utterly ridiculous!
It can’t ever really be that bad
Party balloons completely surround
Can’t always pretend like I am drowned