Feelings Of A Body Double

Phantoms fanning the flames of fame

Ghosts giving gifts again

People parading pain perilously past

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Alliteration becomes cumbersome during exposition

Stunt words filling in

Pretend naked words stand in

Become body doubles for real feelings

Stream of consciousness babble

Is a paragraph

Where enter is hit randomly

At seemingly disjointed places

For dramatic effect


The secrets of writing expertly are out

Here is my pain

I suffer for you

But no – I suffer for myself

I write it for myself

Let you look over my shoulder

Knowing you’re just going to erase my name

Without erasing my pain

Just write your name

And turn in my feelings

For which you receive high marks

The marks on my heart and soul

Like the thief you are


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