The Room With Thirteen Doors

With this knife I slash a hole in reality

Climb through the gaping wound

And try to remember where I left my sanity

I lost my religion long ago

My patience at the last rest stop

Stepping into shadows I reach the room with thirteen doors

Opening any of them is dangerous

But these are my choices

These are what I have to live with

To live with her

Manifesting a gladius,

I cut through all Gordian knots

Brandishing scissors, I cut through all Windsor knots while I’m at it

Burn bridges and


  in a sailboat

 across vast oceans

Solitude and every fucking storm are all I encounter

So much for tranquility

Cthulhu, come and drag me to the depths, consuming me

I feel older than you Elder Gods

I may never die,

instead feeling torment and sorrow


But at least I have this cool fucking reality-slashing knife, right?



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