An Audacious Conclusion

Deep in the past
Buried in dusty boxes stored in barren stark hallways
Seldom darkened even in dreamland visits during the restless sleep of the wee hours
A thought, an idea is kept hidden inside myself

Long since forgotten, a musing encased in a penumbra
I lose footing in my established pace and stumble across it once more
Witnessing the frayed edges, imagining its brittle texture, believing it to be a woven gossamer of fragility
Accompanying the dismaying angst of losing it once more

Struggling to assemble the diaphanous fibers
I scarcely remember its provenance, its dark rich terroir
The landscape under which this vulnerable notion had been interred
Inundated with saline emotions, upending my euphoric anchor

With the conclusion held gingerly in outstretched arms
For a panoramic illustration
The dawning begins, full of growing enlightenment like a serpentine vine
An earnest warmth of efflorescent discernment quiets a discord

A solitary beam of starlight illuminates my epiphany
This exalted vision shakes the toxic dust from my silent reverie
My yonderly complacency, a hamartia slain by this revelation
The unearthed idea that euphoria is attainable, even in my self-imposed perdition

In new musing I sit peacefully, deeply inhaling the brewed scents of sensible fusion
Subdued by the splendor and elegance of life and its comforting revelations
Smiling as wings unfold before me declaring their powerful synchronicity
Sharing a radiating luminesce on the pathway ahead and its kindred accompaniment to utopian pleasures


Written with IncipientOffing


19 thoughts on “An Audacious Conclusion”

  1. (Oh PS I’ve discovered this weird, awkward thing my strange phone does, when I like a comment, it often likes my own as well. It’s quite hilarious, well now it is. A little mortifying when I first discovered it!! In case you were ever wondering. My phone scares me…)

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