Out of control and so cold
Grass growing up through the keyboard
Look away while the words come through
Watering the sensibilities
Is anyone feeling this?
Caress of poison running down
Fingers painted with meaning
Albums playing forgotten songs
On devices which no longer matter
Curiosity running wild
What has he said?
What did he say?
What will he say next?
Does it really matter?
Crumbs at the bottom of the bag
Under falling snow and ice
But in spring it will emerge
It will clean up and brighten
Whiter than the snow it will replace
Brighter than the sun it wants to set
Louder than the music it wants as the soundtrack
With energy and fire
Grass replanted inside minds
Nourished by thought and laughter
Watered with showers of ideas
Which spawn ideas
Which spawn ideas
Drive by and look
Get out and walk amongst
Camp in the beauty of twilight
Sleep with dreams of something beautiful


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